NFL Football game picks & fantasy picks for each week of the 2006-2007 season.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Week 4 NFL Game Picks

Dallas @ Tennesse Dallas
San Francisco @ Kanasas City KC
Miami @ Houston Miami
Arizona @ Atlanta AZ
Minn. @ Buffalo Buffalo
Ind. @ NY Jets Ind.
New Orleans @ Carolina N.O.
San Diego @ Baltimore San Diego
Cleveland @ Oakland Oakland
Detroit @ St. Louis St. Louis
New England @ Cinn. Cinn.
Jacksonville @ Washington Jacksonville
Seattle @ Chicago Chicago
Green Bay @ Philly Philly

What a great NFL football season it has beeen

What a great NFL football season it has been & it's barely week 3. Sep 23, 2006 5:15AM -
It usually starts about 2 weeks before the draft, that little itch. Then my temperature rises a bit & my heart starts to beat faster while watching the NFL draft. By the time training camp arrives I'm done for, reading the paper, listening to the radio, & watchin the news every night just hoping to catch the latest camp news. Then preseason starts & every week, each game just brings my blood to a boil, knowing it will start very soon. Now its finally football season & it feels great.
Already this year we've had some great games & highlights. First for me was the Arizona's first home season opener in forever & in a new great stadium. For New Orleans fans it will be this week's return to the Superdome, on a Monday Night with a 2-0 start. The games have been great last weeks Giants & Eagles game for example the Giants down by 17 points in the fourth quarter come back & win the game in OT with a 31 yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning to Plaxico Burress. That's just one of many exciting games so far this year & it's only been 2 weeks completed. So far its been great & there are so many more coming up. The return of T.O. to Philly, just to name one.
NFL football is the greatest sport & will continue to be for a long time. Baseball has it's moments & basketball had its. In football each game is important & means something. Plus there's the traditions & rituals from tailgating to Monday Night football, & then there's the Superbowl one game, one chance to become the champion, so you better be prepared with baseball & basketball its the best out of 7 games.
It's been great so far & will even get better & I'm going to enjoy every moment & hope you will to.

Week 4 Fantasy Top Picks

Chance Week 4 Fantasy Picks

  • Top 3 QB's
    #1. McNabb
    #2. P. Manning
    #3. M. Bulger
  • Top 3 RB's
    #1. S. Jackson
    #2. L. Johnson
    #3. C. Portis
  • Top 3 WR's
    #1. Torry Holt
  • #2. C. Johnson
    #3. D. Driver

Top T.E. = Todd Heap

Top Kicker = Neil Rackers

Top Defense = Chicago

Fantasy Results Week 3

Week 3 Fantasy Results

Team 1(Wild Ones) I won making me 3-0
Team 2 (CG Chasers) I lost going 2-1

Friday, September 29, 2006

Week 3 Results 11 out of 14

Not great, but not too shabby out of 14 games I got 11 right & 3 wrong. Cardinals should have won that game, but as in the past they found a way to lose.
Tomorrow I will post week 4's picks

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Who will be the Arizona Cardinals best receiver Boldin, Fitzgerald, or Bryant Johnson?

Who will be the number 1 receiver this year for the Arizona Cardinals? What factors should decide this? Should receptions, yards, or touchdowns be the main focus or do you go by yards after catch? Does heart & team spirit count also?

Will Brett Favre be traded?

Will Brett Favre be traded? Should he be traded? Where will he go? What is best for Green Bay?

I hate to say but, the best thing for the Green Bay Packers would be to trade Favre. Why, first if this is to be his last year & the team is going no where, what real value will he bring them in the future. A trade would bring a future round one pick & maybe even a third round pick. With the right moves Greenbay could use that to build a good team within a couple years.

Where will he go? Tampa Bay, Oakland, Dallas, or San Diego. Is some of the teams rumored. San Diego I think would have been the best situation, but the most unlikely with the addition of Volek from the Titans.

Ideally the best situation should be that Brett Favre stays a Packer finishes the year & retires a Packer. Even though they could bank on a trade.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Chance NFL-Fantasy Picks: Arizona Cardinals Fan

Chance NFL-Fantasy Picks: Arizona Cardinals Fan

Fantasy Picks for week 3.

Chance Week 3 Fantasy Picks
  • Top 3 QB's
#1. McNabb
#2. P. Manning
#3. K. Warner
  • Top 3 RB's
#1. B. Westbrook
#2. E. James
#3. C. Portis
  • Top 3 WR's
#1. Santana Moss
#2. L. Fitzgerald
#3. D. Driver
  • Top T.E. = Todd Heap
  • Top Kicker = J. Scobee
  • Top Defense = Chicago
Please feel free to ask any questions

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Week 3: NFL Football Picks

Chance NFL Picks Week 3
Game Pick Comments
  • Carolina @ Tampa Bay Carolina
  • Chicago @ Minnesota Chicago
  • Cincinnati @ Pittsburg Cincinnati
  • Green Bay @ Detroit Green Bay
  • Jacksonville @ Indianapolis Indianapolis
  • New York Jets @ Buffalo New York Jets
  • Tennessee @ Miami Miami
  • Washington @ Houston Washington
  • Baltimore @ Cleveland Baltimore
  • New York Giants @ Seattle Seattle
  • Philadelphia @ San Francisco Philadelphia
  • St. Louis @ Arizona Arizona Go Big Red!!!!!
  • Denver @ New England New England
  • Atlanta @ New Orleans Atlanta

Arizona Cardinals Fan

This year I've noticed all of a sudden that Arizona is now full of Cardinal fans. Where have they come from, & what happened to all the Dallas, Oakland, & other team fans gone. I was a Denver Bronco's fan & ASU fan, but became a Cardinals fan, the day they drafted Jake Plummer & Pat Tillman. So, all you new(bandwagon) or closet Cardinal's fans welcome & enjoy, but remember 2-3 years ago you were all laughing at me for always wearing the Card's gear.